February 12, 2019

Big Big Guys Guys

In Episode 33 we expose ourselves for what we truly are: BIG big guys guys. And big Valentine's Day for under $20 guys. Also, Grant ghosts our conversation about ghosting, Tom and Joey face off in Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous: SAN FRANCISCO STYLE and we settle our bets and announce the winners of the Chubbies Swimsuit issue. OH YEAH plus all sorts of business white papers about ROI and ROAS and ACRONYMS.

February 4, 2019

Tom’s Driving Moccasins

CONSPIRACIES. THEY EXIST. Or DO they? Episode 32 holds the answer. Enjoy listening to this on your phone WHILE YOUR PHONE LISTENS TO YOU. Also DNA tests, a lot of Kentucky news for some reason, and Tom gets a new best man thanks to the podcast. 


Episode 31 is a roller coaster of emotion as we all open up about what we’re afraid of and learn that nothing is scarier than Grant’s fears. Also, millennial workspaces, OUTER SPACES, and Superb Owl prop bets. This one is a real HOOT. AMIRITE?!?! Okay, owl show myself out.

January 22, 2019

Mason Pays the Price

And the price is... A BIG SPICY ONION. It hurts more than we expected it to, but Episode 30 is not for the faint of heart or thin of enamel. Debts are paid, scooter stories are told, the monologue almost gets good and we discuss the concept of the Millennial Nomad. Also ATTENTION SHOPPERS: we have some very bad impressions incoming. I'M WALKIN' HEEEEEUUUHHH.

January 14, 2019


Episode 29 means it's time to follow up on four days worth of committing to resolutions and FAILING MISERABLY. It also includes some onion chopping, some onion tears, and some onion bets. Who will eat the onions? Only time will tell. Also, an airline pilot script read off, A CONTEST YOU CAN WIN, a bad monologue and a conversation about selfies... so slap on your duck lips and pick your three favorite filters- it's Chubbies Podcast time. 

January 7, 2019

2018 Recap Show

2018 was without a doubt the best year in Chubbies Podcast history. It was also the first year in Chubbies podcast history, but that is unrelated. We wanted to celebrate by putting together a highlight reel of the best things that happened in the studio we consistently destroy. In this episode you will hear royal decrees, the worst impressions competition of all time, spoken word poetry, Tom's engagement story, the most powerful power moves in Chubbies history, Grant attempting to read a teleprompter and of course, the great paint spill incident of 2018. We hope you enjoy. 

December 26, 2018

Jingles Shlord

At long last Episode 28 has come, bearing New Year's resolutions so all our podcast hosts can finally become better people. Christmas Grant delivers a Christmas Miracle. Tom unveils his alter egos Jingles and SHLORD, and Joey makes his glorious return bringing with him tales of the illustrious San Diego Hammer. What does any of this mean? You'll have to listen to find out. Also College Football Bowl Games, patenting dance moves, and a controversial DOUBLE PHYSICAL CHALLENGE. This episode is everything and more!!!!! And then a little more than that. 

December 19, 2018


Episode 27 marks the debut of Mason Robinson host extraordinaire. Will his monologue be better than Joey's? Will he be able to control his voice? Control the podcast? Control HIMSELF?! Could he ever? ANY MORE QUESTIONS?? It also marks the debut of Chubbies legend Tater, and the return of Dr. Phil's Surgeries That Should Exist But Thankfully Don't Because They Are Nightmare Fuel. We determine the best way to text and are visited by a few budding radio DJs and one confused contestant for Mr. Monestary. Are you really still reading this? Stop it.

December 10, 2018

Radical Dishonesty

Episode 26 keeps it real. Perhaps too real. Phil is nothing short of stunning in the first and hopefully last edition of his new segment, “Dr. Phil’s Surgeries That Should Exist.” The Millennial Zone gets downright RADical as we discuss, use and then immediately abuse the privileges that come with the notion of radical honesty. We go zero-to-unappreciative real quick as we attempt to commiserate with fans who submitted descriptions of the worst Christmas present they’ve ever received. And finally, we conclude with a couple Royal Decrees and an a capella rendition of "O Holy Night" that, for various reasons, leaves everyone in the studio in tears.

December 3, 2018

A Lenient God

Episode 25 sees the unveiling of Joey Avery, lenient God, and man who doesn’t know how to say the word “museum.” We cover the screen time generation. Grant “explains” the Fed. And we do our most inspiring locker room speeches. Inspiration that both Grant and Mason take into their most grueling physical challenge yet, a slurpee sip off. Listen. Enjoy. Make their brain freeze worth it. There may even be a gift in this episode FOR YOU.


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