May 20, 2019

Ted Finally Talks

Episode 46 answers some of life's most important questions, like what will a millennial nursing home look like? And are any of these jokes remotely funny? Luckily our friend Ted stops by for some talks and we're all smarter now thanks to it. You want to get smarter? Go ahead and press play on this award winning business podcast. 

Episode 45 gets positively LEGAL as we read an in depth analysis of Mason's legal standing from our new podcast lawyer. Also Grant is gone, officially, and we discuss whether millennials are more faithful than other generations. We go with yes. So you better clear out your DMs. Also, campaign promises, businesses we tried to start, and an opportunity to help us out with something. Get in there and make your Monday better. 

Episode 44 is a tough one for the team as they prepare to say farewell to the Red Legend. The man with so many nicknames we couldn't possibly list them here. A gentleman who has done a lot for both Chubbies and the Chubbies podcast. It is the finally episode for Grant "the GUY" Marek. Several surprises are in store as we celebrate Grant's time at Chubbies and wish him the best in his new career where he lives out a childhood dream. Grant doesn't know many things, but he knows that we appreciate him. Good luck and farewell, sweet Brang. 



April 29, 2019

A Special Hug

Episode 43 catches Phil day after his birthday and Joey and Grant the day after one of the great sporting events of all time. We're tired. But determined, as it is the episode where we all grow up and get "the talk" in the very first Birds and the Bees with Brangy G. We also learn about "deleting", show our ages, pitch dream mergers and examine one of the more peculiar facets of Grant's psyche. 

April 22, 2019

We’re Very Sorry

On Episode 42 we do something we promised we'd never do. We actually apologize. BECAUSE we missed a week, everyone needs to punished. And it gets... kind of intense. Especially Mason's hairless armpits and Grant's vomit. Also we re-write Tom's voicemail, dissect Millennial Monopoly, and discover the origins of a certain plant. 

April 8, 2019

Walking Phoenix

Episode 41 features Joey, Phil and Tom, but most importantly it marks the debut of business expert Harvey, whose invaluable business advice is the key reason why this business podcast, which is definitely about business, is the best business podcast ever. We also have Phil's Dank Memes Tutorial, we discuss the Joker trailer, and we dissect why millennials aren't, well, doing the dance as much as other generations. The real reason might surprise you. Unless you know more about step stools than you let on... 

Episode 40 features CONSIDERABLY LESS YELLING because (thank the Shlord) Joey is not on it — instead Grant tries his hand at hosting a second time and makes the podcast 100% about him, including a hilarious Grant’s Monologue, an all-time great Things Grant Doesn’t Know, and a hall of fame Mason v Grant Accent-Off (did we mention he also wrote this summary?). Also: we talk Top 10 stressors for Millennials, and Chubbies Stores czar Lindsay Leaver makes her podcast debut.

March 25, 2019


Episode 39 brings back the Chubbies Top 40 Hit Creation and gives Mason and Joey a chance to heal their wounded song bird egos. It also features our first ever live brainstorm, a peak into the Chubbies content team psyche, and a new twist on Make Me Laugh. Also our Millennial Zone looks forward to the next generations. Do we hate them already? Is that okay? Will they really use Phil's feedbag? All the natural questions you are asking will be answered, along with your hopes and dreams. Plus, SHLORD IS BACK. 

In Episode 38 Mason learns what daylight savings is, we debate hamster wheels for kids, and form the most fun mob ever to support chill legislation. Also, we get all millennial and do a March Madness style emoji bracket to determine the greatest emoji of all time. It's an upset. But it feels right. Then we get REALLY BUSINESS LIKE, with new segments "What Would You Say You Do Here" and "The Work Speak Translator." And we cover some of the weirdest questions from the NFL combine and make everyone take a Wonderlick test. Spoiler alert: we're stupid. Double spoiler: we're very fun though. 

March 11, 2019

A Baby Star is Born

Episode 37 is the episode that CHANGES.MUSIC.FOREVER. We introduce the Chubbies Top 40 Hit Creation (33:00) and it is a battle for the ages. Joey and Mason vs. Phil and Grant in a battle to make the most catchy, most awesome, most convincing hit song ever. Leading up to that crescendo of sonic amazingness is a bad monologue, the casual dress revolution, types of Uber drivers and an Urban Dictionary definition off. Oh yeah, then Mason and Grant draw horrible horrible self portraits. Anyway, see you at next year's Grammys. 

(P.S. we drop a really sweet URL that leads you to a really sweet opportunity to join our really sweet March Chubness bracket towards the end.)

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