December 10, 2018

Radical Dishonesty

Episode 26 keeps it real. Perhaps too real. Phil is nothing short of stunning in the first and hopefully last edition of his new segment, “Dr. Phil’s Surgeries That Should Exist.” The Millennial Zone gets downright RADical as we discuss, use and then immediately abuse the privileges that come with the notion of radical honesty. We go zero-to-unappreciative real quick as we attempt to commiserate with fans who submitted descriptions of the worst Christmas present they’ve ever received. And finally, we conclude with a couple Royal Decrees and an a capella rendition of "O Holy Night" that, for various reasons, leaves everyone in the studio in tears.

December 3, 2018

A Lenient God

Episode 25 sees the unveiling of Joey Avery, lenient God, and man who doesn’t know how to say the word “museum.” We cover the screen time generation. Grant “explains” the Fed. And we do our most inspiring locker room speeches. Inspiration that both Grant and Mason take into their most grueling physical challenge yet, a slurpee sip off. Listen. Enjoy. Make their brain freeze worth it. There may even be a gift in this episode FOR YOU.

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Special

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We at the Chubbies Podcast are thankful for you this holiday season. So to show that we have put together this brief Thanksgiving special that you can play at the kitchen table in front of all your guests in which Grant will gobble like a turkey to multiple different directorial prompts. It's what Sarah Hale would have wanted. 

November 19, 2018

Power Moves

Episode 24 is POWER. MOVE. CITY. We break down the greatest power moves in Chubbies history. Phil eats seaweed snacks. And we dissect how millennials deal with their digital footprints. Have you ever Googled yourself? Keep safe search on. Anyway, we might be able to get Phil to retire if you help us. And we profess our love to Grant, Civil War era love letter style. It’s a treat.

November 12, 2018


Episode 23 is a bonafide Friendsgiving since we’re all friends and talking around a table and it’s November. We discuss what Friendsgiving is, its origin, and how that one friend you barely even like keeps getting invited even though he makes a shit autumn yam. We also power rank holidays, fight over New Years, and do our first ever sports and tech segments. If you can’t get your dog to come when you call it, we recommend a Tesla, the perfect car for regaining your false sense of authority.

November 5, 2018

Parody of the Parody Man

Episode 22 means SCORES. WILL. BE. SETTLED. We yay or nay some of your tweets, put Grant's LinkedIn bio on the line, and Joey responds to the airing of Grievances. It's a FESTIVUS MIRACLE. Also, are millennials better at understanding facts? Or is that an opinion? The difference between freeways and highways and of course, an open call to get Gilbert Gottfried on the show. #getgilbertgottfriedontheshowisthishashtagtoolong?


Grant is a big nervous guy for his hosting debut and he starts off by totally blowing it. With Joey out everyone decides to gather round the Festivus pole for an airing of grievances and we tell the story of sneaking onto Alcatraz to make an N64 themed video. Also Tom bring us some Zen, and complains about not being mentioned enough in episode descriptions. Okay Tom. Have it your way Tom. TOM. TOM. TOM. TOM. TOM.

October 22, 2018

Millennials Kill AGAIN

Say cheeeeeeese! ACTUALLY DON'T. Because those wacky zany millennials are back at it again and they've got cheese in their cross hairs. Also, Tom and Grant orchestrate political hits on one another, Pithy Witticism makes his first apperance, and and Phil gets cursed out by a telemarketer. Add on one of Joey's bad monologues and bring binoculars into the physical challenge and what do you get? An almost torn hamstring for Mason. That's what you get.

October 15, 2018

Tom Ruins Everything

Could Episode 19 be our last ever??? Nope. But it almost was considering Tom completely ruined this recording along with everything else. Before Tom's melt down we were able to speak with the winner of the first Chubbies podcast fan competition, Dr. Troy Andreasen (@inlandbreastandbody). We also discuss the millennial attention span, airplane pullups, and how Grant is a cheat and man of ill repute.

October 8, 2018

The Chubbies Winnebago

Episode 18 brings a mythic character to the forefront of Chubbies lore, the Chubbies Winnebago. Where is it? What was it? Why in the HELL is it gone? Also, Would You Rathers get weird, Joey gets grilled and we debate Halloween. Does dressing up in a costume make you an irresponsible Millennial that doesn't want to let go of childhood? The answer is no but some un-fun writer and Phil both think maybe.


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