August 19, 2019

You’re My Shirt Boy Blue

Episode 59 brings the first ever CHUBBIES ADVICE SECTION into creation and its glory is as long and billowing as a beard curtain. Everyone is happy to be back in the studio and they celebrate by putting Joey on trial for pretty much being awesome. Yes I write these. Also we take you behind the scenes of how we name things and how bad Grant was at it. Plus: Millennials. Are they as bad with money as everyone says? Every seems to think so, but I'd bet you my next 10 bad investments they're wrong.

August 12, 2019


Episode 58 does some investigative journalism as Part 2 of the Chubbies Roadshow heads to a city that could be the most millennial place of all. Will Joey get his vegan swimming pool? Are bats cooler than scooters? WHO IS SCOOTER MAN? Everything Austin is answered. And then we do a bracket to determine the most Austin thing of all.

On Episode 57 the Chubbies Podcast becomes THE CHUBBIES ROADSHOW as Mason and Joey podcast from the private theater of a mansion in Kissimmee, Florida. We thoroughly cover Florida Man, recap an amazing photoshoot with several Chubbies Man Model winners, and are joined by the guru of that Man Model group, Danny Hughes, who inspires us with his wisdom and some words on how to get the best out of life.


Episode 56 is both a hum AND A DINGER. Chubbies Man Model Winner and Minnesota Vikings Tight End David Morgan comes on (53:30) to tell us about his journey to modeling fame, life in the NFL, and road runners. An ice cream trucks turns against influencers. And we dive into the intricacies of the French nude community. Plus secret discounts, crazy videos and Phil's mantle of bleakness meets the trailer for Cats. Me...YOW.

Chinese Firework Video

Cats Trailer






July 22, 2019

The Gang Storms Area 51

Episode 55 requires ALL OF THE TIN FOIL HATS. We get so deep on conspiracies we realize that conspiracies are conspiracies. Think about it. We commit to storming Area 51 to pick up some aliens and also come up with a new business idea- ELON'S MUSK. The scent of the season. Rounding out the show are discussions about Joey's new haircut, Mason's tattoos, and Phil's dark dark heart.

July 15, 2019

The Strangest Things

History is made on this episode as Phil invents a move that will revolutionize thumb wrestling forever...for the worse. Also Joey actually hosts well, we discuss the GLOBAL, CROSS INDUSTRY, implications of Kawhi Leonard's free agency decision and in honor of Stranger Things, we discuss the strangest things. Plus, millennial birthdays and THE GREATEST PARTY SUPER TEAM OF ALL TIME. And no, it's not you and your friend who is really good at yard games. 

July 7, 2019

Chubbies Radio

Every song WE'VE EVER MADE including a HOT NEW JAM for your Sunday Stokies. 

Episode 52 IS ALL FIREWORKS BABY. Millennials are getting horny (oh no). Our producer has his first kiss. And we talk about the origin of the company and what the 4th of July means to us. It all closes with us revolutionizing an industry as we create THE STATE UNFAIR. It's like life. Now watch your friend get 10 grand while you get punched in the kidney.

June 24, 2019

Harvey Sashimi

Episode 51 brings the long awaited return of Harvey the stock guy who helps us prepare for the apocalypse. We also discuss Millennial dads and their lack of tools. Can they even DIY? SHOULD THEY EVEN DIY? Who knows. Also a game of Antiques Road Show and Tell and Joey gets mad at Ryan Seacrest. Hungry? Have some of that beef.

Episode 50 is an episode so legendary you'll puke in your fitted hat. We discuss Phil's third life crisis, the nostalgia of AIM, and which celebrities we'd like to fight. Then Mason pays his Game of Thrones debt and we sparks fly with the most POWERFUL, EXTREME, RAGETASTICAL script read off ever. We close by answering some viewer questions and giving away a free pair of trunks. If you'd like to take part in that, watch us here every Wednesday at 3pm PST:



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